Nicolai Music price list (current as of November 2017)
Shipping policy
: All music sent to US postal addresses is sent FREE OF CHARGE. However, there is a $10 postage fee per order for music sent to an address outside of the US (Please note that this charge is per order, NOT per item)

$10 unaccompanied solos
Caprice No. 5
Four Short Narratives
Improvisations on a Bach Sarabande
Sarabande & Preludio
Sixteen Etudes

$12 solo CDs (NOT solos w/CD accompaniment)
Distant Images
Heart of a Wolf
Out Sitting in his Field

short solos with piano
Ave Maria
Endearing Young Charms encore version
Jubal’s Lyre
March of the Marionette

$15 solos with piano (medium length)
Asturias (version w/piano)
Away, I’m Bound Away (version w/piano)
Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night) (both solo and duo versions provided)
Christmas Concerto
Come to the Edge (version w/piano)
Coventry Carol/Carol of the Bells
Dance of the Tumblers (version w/piano)
Fantasie Originale (version w/piano)
Gypsy Melodies (version w/piano)
Midnight Shakes the Memory
Nutcracker Sweets (version w/piano)
Ruslan & Ludmilla’s Romp Across Russia (solo w/piano)
Sinfonietta (version w/piano)
Song for a New Day
Three Farewell Pieces
Two Bach Pieces
Venetian Carnival Animals (special encore edition)

$15 solos w/narrator
Far Side of the Pasture (solo w/narrator)
Zeke and Zebedee (solo w/narrator)

$15 duos w/piano
Handel Duo Sonata No. 1 (duo + pno)
Twilight Dream (duo + pno)

$15 quartets (score & parts included)
Finale from Brandenburg Concerto
FTR! (feel the rage...)

$20 all solos with CD Pre-Recorded Accompaniment

PLUS: Buy any 2 and get 3rd piece with CD accompaniment Free.
a great opportunity to add to your music library!

2AM (solo euph., tuba, or trumpet)
Aboriginal Voices (solo tuba, euph. or bass trombone)
Black Moon Rising (solo euph., French horn, or trombone)
Dandy Noodles (solo euphonium)
Distant Images (solo trombone or euph.)
The Dream (duo for tuba & euphonium)
Endearing Young Charms (solo euphonium)
Fantasy on “Night” (solo euph, with live electronics also)
Flight of the Bumble Bee (solo euph., trumpet, or tuba)
Heart of a Wolf (solo euphonium)
House of the Rising Sun (solo euph., trombone, or tuba)
Hungarian Hallucination (solo euph, or tuba/euph. duo)
Improvisations of a Bach Sarabande (solo euphonium)
Largo and Allegro (solo euphonium or trombone)
Lassus Trombone (trombone solo, duo, or trio)
Meditation (solo euphonium or trombone)
New England Reveries (solo tuba or euphonium)
Night Song (solo euphonium)
Odyssey (solo euphonium)
Quiet Mountain (duo for tuba w/trb, or trb. w/flute, or tuba w/flute)
Ritual (duo for tuba with euphonium)
Simyeh (solo euphonium)
Solvejg's Song (solo euph., trombone, or tuba)
Venetian Carnival Animals (solo euph. or tuba [different keys!])

$20 solos w/piano and percussion

Adagio & Finale (solo + marimba + piano score)
“Hey, Wait a Minute” Waltz (solo+percussion &/or piano)
Ruslan & Ludmilla’s Romp... (solo + percussion + piano)

solos w/4-part accompaniment
In the Cathedral (4 parts + solo + score)
Threnody (4 parts + solo + score)
Endearing Young Charms (quartet + solo + score)
The Waste Land (4 parts + solo + score)

quintets (score & parts included)
U.S.Anthem for quintet with optional percussion

$25 small chamber group with percussion
Drum Taps (trio + percussion + score)

small chamber group with piano
Beethoven’s Andante from Symphony No 7 (trio + piano + score OR quartet + piano + score) NOTE: if one wishes to purchase BOTH trio & quartet versions simultaneously, Nicolai Music is currently offering a special price of $35 for all scores and parts for both versions.

larger chamber groups, no piano (score & parts incl.)
Black Moon Rising (7 parts + solo)
The Furies (8 parts)
Ruslan & Ludmilla’s Romp Across Russia - octet version (8 + perc.)
Threnody (5 parts + solo)
Tribes (8 parts + solo)
U.S.Anthem for 7-part trumpet or trumpet-trombone ensemble with drums

$35 larger chamber groups, plus piano (score & parts incl.)
Falls The Shadow (quartet + piano 4-hands)
Meditation & Finale (8 parts + solo + pno)
Denali (6 parts + pno + score)

$45 shorter works involving large ensemble (score & parts incl.)
Ave Maria - encore version (solo with band)
Endearing Young Charms - encore version (solo with band)
Flight of the Bumble Bee (solo with band)
Lullabye (solo with band)
Scherzo from “Sinfonietta” (solo with band)
United States National Anthem (band, or band w/herald trumpets)
Venetian Carnival Animals (special encore edition)

works involving large ensemble, but slightly reduced instrumentation (score & parts incl.)
Threnody (solo with wind ensemble)

$55 works involving large ensemble (score & parts incl.)
Asturias (solo with band)
Away, I’m Bound Away (solo tuba with band)
Carnival of Venice (solo euph or trpt w/brass ens. or brass band)
Catoctin (solo with band)
Come to the Edge (solo w/orchestra)
Dance of the Tumblers (solo with band)
Dandy Noodles (solo with band)
Falls The Shadow (quartet with band or orchestra)
Fantasie Originale (solo w/band)
Hungarian Hallucination (solo with band or brass band)
Gypsy Melodies (solo with band)
Nutcracker Sweets (solo with band)
of the Water (solo with band or orchestra)
Ruslan & Ludmilla’s Romp Across Russia (solo with band)
Sinfonietta (solo with orchestra) (Full Version: 4 movements)
Venetian Carnival Animals (solo with band)
The Waste Land (wind ensemble version, NOT a solo w/band)