Dance of the Tumblers by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov
arranged by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation: (1) euphonium solo with concert band, or (2) solo with piano accompaniment or (3) euphonium DUO with brass band
Copyright: 2014
Duration: 2:25
Range: FF to b-flat-1 (or F to b-flat-1 with optional ossia)
Difficulty: IV-V
: Nicolai Music
(1) $55 for solo with concert band version (score & parts)
(2) $15 for solo with piano version
(3) $55 for duo with brass band version (score & parts)
Other Info: Soloist with band version premiered July 20, 2014 with Neal Corwell as soloist, accompanied by the Hagerstown Municipal Band, Lynn Lerew conducting, Hagerstown, Maryland.


This arrangement is designed as a fun encore or closer. The essential materials from the Rimsky-Korsakov’s work are presented, but the arranger has taken some liberties with the original material. A new coda has been created and at one point, just before the start of the newly created ending, a canon is presented which makes use of additional well-known themes from Russian masterworks by other composers.

The entire piece is at a bright tempo, and accelerates to an even brisker pace near the end (quarter note + 160). Good double-tonguing skills are essential for the soloist, but the range demands are modest.