Pricing: Sale prices are listed on individual music data pages and also on the Price List

Shipping: As stated on the order form, shipping to any address in the United States is FREE. However, for orders to be sent to a postal address OUTSIDE of the US, add $10.00 PER ORDER (NOT per item) for postage. Music will be sent promptly when payment is received. Nicolai Music reserves the option of waiting until personal checks have cleared before sending merchandise. If paying by check, please be sure to write or print legibly on the order form, and include an email address so that you may be contacted if there is a question or problem regarding your order.


Option 1: purchase using
PayPal* account: (It’s free, and you can use your linked credit or debit card!)

to order & pay for your music using PayPal, use the following procedure:

• log into your PayPal account
• click on link to “send money”
• click “to pay for goods and services”
(you will not be charged any fees)
• send payment to my email address which is:
• select appropriate payment amount (see price list) in US Dollars
(note: shipping FREE to any U.S. address, but add $10 per order for sending music to an address outside of US)

You will be given an opportunity of writing an email message before you actually send the payment. Within this message, it is vital that you state (1) the items you are purchasing, and (2) the postal address to which you would like the items sent. I will reply promptly with an email confirming that payment was received and items are on their way. If the amount is incorrect, or if I have a question about the music or address, I will ask for clarification, and will not accept payment until all is clear and accurate.

*Please note that if you don’t already have an account, you’ll find setting up a personal PayPal account is a quick and easy online procedure. Even I was able to do it!

Option 2: purchase by check or money order:
Please print and send, via the postal service, a completed Nicolai Music Order Form (see links below) along with a check or money order in U.S. Dollars made payable to “Nicolai Music”.

Click here for the
(which prints better on most computers)

or click below for the same form as a jpeg
Nicolai Music Order Form

To purchase items, send your completed order form and payment to:

Nicolai Music/Neal Corwell
PO Box 253
Clear Spring, MD 21722

Option 3: purchase using Wire Transfer or International Money Order:

In addition to the PayPal option, some customers from outside the U.S. prefer to pay using International money orders or wire transfers (in U.S. Dollars). The simplest and most cost effective means of paying from overseas (other than PayPal) seems to be the wire transfer method, which can be done online through websites of companies such as Western Union. Thus far, there have been no problems for customers wiring payments from locations in Europe, or from as far away as China and Australia. Please contact Neal directly (via email) for more details on the procedure if you wish to pay by wire transfer. One can also wire money from within the US using this method.