Nicolai Music is a music publishing business that Neal Corwell founded in 1989. Prior to that year, several of his arrangements for various brass instruments were published, but he found resistance to the publishing of original works for euphonium, and he also did not like the idea of signing away the rights to his own music. In response, he started his own publishing business, mainly to make his music currently and perpetually available to his fellow brass players. Since that time, Dr. Corwell has had various offers to publish all of his music elsewhere, and for many years much of his musical output was available through other publishers, but now all of it is only available through Nicolai Music. (although some may be purchased via music distributors such as Robert King Music, The Japan Tuba Center, and so forth)

One of the primary advantages of being a small publishing house is immediacy and flexibility. As soon as a new work is premiered it can be made immediately available from
Nicolai Music, and if a small error is found in a score, or a change made by the composer, that change or correction can be immediately transferred to all parts and scores being sent out to customers. The same goes for the Audio CDs that accompany many of Dr. Corwell’s compositions. On those rare occasions when Neal has decided to re-mix an accompaniment for a particular piece after its initial release, usually to improve the balance in some subtle way, or to make use of a new and improved audio resource, he can immediately distribute the improved version to customers.

Although you will not find fancy glossy covers or glitzy packaging, all the music sold via
Nicolai Music is laid out beautifully and printed clearly on high quality paper. Additionally, all accompaniment CDs are cloned from the original digital masters, and double-checked personally by the composer before being sent out, assuring the highest possible audio quality.

Another important advantage of dealing with a small publisher is that the customer has immediate access to the composer/arranger, and can easily obtain answers to any performance-related questions by contacting Neal Corwell directly via this website. If you have feedback to offer, suggestions to make, questions to ask, or perhaps even wish to discuss the possibility of commissioning Neal to write a piece for you or your ensemble, you may contact him directly via email by hitting the “contact Neal” link found at the bottom of every page of this website.

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