In this area of the website, you will find:

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listings* by category of Neal Corwell’s published compositions

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*This site contains complete listings of all Dr. Corwell’s published music. The works are arranged by title in varied ways, making it easy to either browse or hone in on a specific piece. Factual data, program notes, reviews, score samples, and publisher information are provided for most compositions. To access this information, simply click on the title of the composition if it is highlighted in blue. Eventually, these data pages will be available for all compositions.

If you are looking for a specific composition and already know its title, it is recommended you search for it in the
alphabetical list of works. Otherwise, you may wish to browse the music via one of the several categories provided in the Music Listings section of this website (found by under “Neal’s Music”).

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Corwell accepts commissions to write compositions for individuals or consortiums. When writing compositions for others, Neal always works hard to not only meet the practical needs of the performer or organization commissioning the work, but also to create a piece that matches the musical sensibilities and strengths of those that will be premiering the composition. Fees for this service vary according to many factors to include instrumentation, length and difficulty of the work, and amount of time required to complete the project. To inquire, please contact Dr. Corwell directly via the “contact Neal” button at the bottom of this page. You may also contact Neal by sending him a message via FaceBook.