Christmas Concerto by Corelli and Torelli
arranged by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation: solo (euph, trombone, or trumpet) with piano accompaniment
Copyright: 2014
Duration: 3:00 for Pastorale and 1:35 for Vivace
Range: G to b-flat-1
Difficulty: II-III
: Nicolai Music
Price: $15 for solo with piano version
Other Info: Soloist premiered, with his wife Kathryn as accompanist, on Christmas eve, 2014, at St. Marks in Oakland, Maryland.


This arrangement features a pair of Baroque-era Christmas classics. Both pieces were composed by Italian composers and originally published as portions of multi-movement works titled “Christmas Concertos”. Both were also originally scored as concerti grossj for a large string ensemble.

The two movements selected are the
Pastorale from Corelli’s concerto, and the Vivace from the Locatelli. These movements were selected because they are generally considered the most popular movements from their respective concertos. The arranger has taken these works, originally for large ensembles, and re-shaped them as solos of only moderate difficulty, suitable for a holiday performance or a chamber or church performance any time of the year. They compliment each other well if performed as a pair, but also may be played independently of one another. The Pastorale features an optional ending which shortens the performance time if so desired.