Carnival of Venice Variations, by Herbert L. Clarke (1867-1945), arranged and edited, with added original cadenza, by Neal Corwell

euphonium or trumpet/cornet solo with either brass ensemble or standard brass band accompaniment
Copyright: 2013 (2016 for brass band version)
Duration: 4:30 (3:30 if WITHOUT optional cadenza at end)
Range: for soloist is FF to f-2
(range is reduced to F to b-flat-1 if optional cadenza is omitted, or optional octave ossias within cadenza are utilized)

Difficulty: V
Publisher: Nicolai Music
$55 for solo with brass ensemble (full score and parts included)
$55 for solo with brass band (full score and parts included)
Other Info: brass ensemble-accompanied arrangement was premiered April 28, 2013 during the “Brass in the Grass” celebration at Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi West Virginia, with Dr. Corwell as soloist and Tim Dewitt as conductor. The version with Brass Band was premiered December 3, 2016 with the Central Illinois Brass Band, in Normal, IL, with Sharon Huff conducting.

This new version of Herbert Clarke’s concert standard is spiced-up a bit primarily through the injection of some subtle humor that was not present in the original work. If the soloist opts to include the full cadenza Dr. Corwell has inserted just before the final bar, a good deal of range is added, both high and low, and difficulty is also increased by the addition of an extended triple-tonguing passage. The added challenges of this new edition are well worth the effort because they add variety and excitement to an already dynamic piece. This one is a real crowd-pleaser!

By the way, this accompaniment works just fine for those that wish to perform the traditional solo part from Clarke’s Carnival of Venice.