United States National Anthem
arranged by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation (4 versions available):
(1) full band
(2) full band augmented by additional trumpets
(3) trumpet/trombone ensemble or full herald trumpet ensemble with drums
(4) 5-part euphonium ensemble (with optional drums)
Copyright: 2014
Duration: ca. 1:25
Publisher: Nicolai Music
$45 for version 1: full band only (full score and all parts included)
$45 for version 2: full band with augmented trumpet section (full score & parts)
$30 for version 3: for 7-part trumpet/trombone ensemble with drums
$20 for version 4: for 5-part euphonium ensemble with optional drums

Other Info: The version of this arrangement for band with herald trumpets was premiered in the Summer of 2014 for the 100th anniversary concert of the Hagerstown Municipal Band in Hagerstown, Maryland, under the directions of Lynn Lerew, in conjunction with The US Army Herald Trumpets, from “Pershing’s Own”, Washington, DC.

The version for 5-part euphonium ensemble is dedicated to Dr. Corwell’s fellow members of the euphonium section from “Pershing’s Own”, The US
Army Band, Washington DC: Chris Buckley, Jeremy McBride, Toby Furr, and Dan Ord.


This rousing and flashy version of the National Anthem of the United States was designed to show off the strengths of a strong trumpet (or euphonium) section, and is a great opener for a special concert. The many overlapping trumpet runs and flourishes are impressive, but idiomatically feasible. In other words, the arrangement sounds harder than it actually is! Although premiered with separate trumpets in addition to the standard band section, the arranger has created a second version which does not require auxiliary trumpets, but instead distributes the flourishes among the band’s trumpet section (divided into four parts)

The third listed option for “trumpet/trombone” section, version 3, was originally for a herald trumpet ensemble that included soprano E-flat and B-flat trumpets plus tenor and bass trumpets in concert B-flat. The tenor and bass parts may be played on either herald trumpets or trombones. There are seven parts altogether (E-flat soprano, B-flat soprano 1-3, Tenor 1-2, and bass) plus a drum part.

The final listed option, version 4, is a re-working of above listed versions, reduced to 5 parts for euphonium quintet or 5-part low brass ensemble. The drum part is optional for this version.