Coventry Carol/Carol of the Bells
arranged by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation: solo (euph, trombone, or trumpet) with piano accompaniment
Copyright: 2017
Duration: Total Time: 5:15
individual movements: 2:45 for
Coventry / 2:30 for Carol of the Bells Range: G to a -1 (with optional 8vas highest note is d-2)
Difficulty: III
: Nicolai Music
Price: $15 for solo with piano version
Other Info: Was premiered by Neal Corwell, with Kathryn Sincell-Corwell as accompanist, on Dec. 9, 2017 at St. John’s UCC church in Clear Spring, MD.


This arrangement features two popular and contrasting Christmas Carols.
Coventry Carol is presented in a quiet and moving fashion at the start and finish or this arrangement. However, a gallant “midievil-sounding” central section provides a bold contrast. In this contrasting episode, the soloist plays an exciting and challenging obligato line, while the piano states the well-known melody with the support of a rhythmic bass-line. Carol of the Bells is exciting and forward-moving throughout, with contrasts created through the use of dynamics, modulations, and other methods. This inventive arrangement is much more than just a simple straightforward presentation of this popular holiday favorite by Ukrainian composer Leontovych.

The soloist has the option of performing the two Carols separately, or of joining them together in a seamless fashion, with the
Carol of the Bells quietly appearing on the horizon as the Coventry Carol fades away into the background. Directions are provided in the score for this optional direct segue between the two Carols.

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