Zeke & Zebedee, Opus 14 by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation: for narrator with one instrumentalist.
The lone instrument may be tuba, euphonium, trombone, trumpet, horn, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, or almost any instrument.
The score is available in treble clef, bass clef, and two tuba versions.
• The treble clef version is for all instruments that read treble clef, regardless of key. In other words, this part is good for trumpet in B-flat or C, Horn, Saxophone in E-flat or B-flat, treble-clef baritone, and so forth.
• The bass clef version is for all bass clef instruments, except tuba.
• There are two tuba versions of the piece. The “Low Tuba” version is designed for B-flat or C tuba, and the “High Tuba” version is for E-flat or F tuba. To simplify matters for tubists, anyone ordering Zeke and Zebedee for tuba will automatically receive BOTH the high and low versions.
• Bass Trombonists, when ordering, like tubists, will automatically receive two versions: the standard bass clef version, plus the “High Tuba” version. The latter is highly recommended by the composer for bass trombone.
When ordering, please specify which instrument or clef part you desire.
Duration: ca. 9 minutes
E to g (optional b-flat-1) for bass clef instruments
FF-sharp to a (optional c-1) for low tuba
BB to d-1 (optional f-1) for high tuba
Difficulty: II-III
Publisher: Nicolai Music
Price: $15
Other Info: Was premiered by the composer in 1991 during a faculty recital at Shepherd College, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


Zeke & Zebedee, a duo for narrator and a single instrumentalist, is written in a light, uncomplicated, and satiric style. Brief quotes of famous musical themes, in response to statements made by the narrator, are strewn about liberally as the piece progresses. Although the overall mood is clearly light and humorous, near the end of the work some serious points are made about the dangers of discrimination. Therefore Zeke & Zebedee is billed as “a fun little ditty about a serious subject”.

Almost any musical instrument may be used in conjunction with the narrator. Instrumental parts are available in treble clef, and bass clef, plus two different versions for tuba: one designed for low tuba (in B-flat or C) and another for higher pitched tubas (in E-flat or F). When ordering, please specify desired instrumentation and clef. Anyone ordering the tuba version of
Zeke & Zebedee will automatically receive both the high and low versions.