Sixteen Etudes, Opus 11 by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation: solo euphonium (or trombone or bassoon or cello)
Copyright: 1990
Duration: ca. 1 to 2 minutes each
Range: varies piece to piece, total range is FF to d-2
Difficulty: ranges from III to IV
Publisher: Nicolai Music
Price: $10


This collection of study pieces was created with the intention of attacking specific areas of performance in a musically interesting fashion. The etudes are brief and musically balanced compositions, some of which were later used by the composer as source material for full-length works. The sixteen etudes are divided into four sets, each containing four pieces. Each set consists of one lyrical study, one tonguing study, one multi-meter or rhythmically challenging study, and a fourth etude addressing yet another challenge. The collection is arranged progressively, each set being more difficult than the one which preceded.

Below is a listing of the 16 etudes and their respective challenges:

I. single tonguing, dynamic control
II. changing meters
III. intervals, dynamic control
IV. lyricism, flexibility, tenor clef, study in interval of a 4th
V. triple-tonguing
VI. changing meters, tenor clef
VII. whole-tone scale study
VIII. lyricism, slurred wide leaps, tenor clef
IX. double-tonguing
X. changing meters
XI. slurred intervals, tenor clef
XII. low register, breath control, lyricism
XIII. triple-tonguing
XIV. counting, intervals, dynamic control
XV. low register articulation
XVI. lyricism, high register, dynamic control

Please note that all etudes are in either tenor or bass clef.