March of the Marionette, By Charles Gounod (1818-1893)
arranged by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation: available in two keys (“Low Key” and “High Key”)
Low key is for solo tuba, bass trombone, bassoon, or cello with piano
High key is for solo euphonium, tenor trombone, bassoon, cello, trumpet, or clarinet with piano
NOTE: “High Key” solo parts provided in both
bass clef and B-flat treble clef.
Copyright: 2013
Duration: 3:00
Low Key:
F to b-flat (optionally up to f-1)
High Key: c to f-1 (optionally up to c-2)
High Key Trumpet or Clarinet: c-1 to f-2 (optionally up to c-3)

Difficulty: II
Publisher: Nicolai Music
Price: $10 with piano accompaniment
Other Info: Premiered, on tuba, by Dr. Corwell on July 13, 2013, during a recital as part of the Penn Alps Summer Concert Series in Grantsville, Maryland. The pianist for the performance was Kathryn Sincell-Corwell.

Neal Corwell’s arrangement of March of the Marionette is a light-hearted arrangement that works well as either a concert piece for the young performer or as an encore for the seasoned professional. This setting of the well-known classic tune (perhaps known best as the theme from the television show “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”), features many opportunities for clowning around with the audience. The tempo fluctuations, variances in dynamics, and other clever but subtle expressive tools add to the humor of the presentation and keep it interesting. If the tuba soloist wishes to take the optional upper octave in the “B” section, the audience will be both impressed and amused!