Fantasie Originale, Themes by Romano Picchi (1811-1856) and variations by Simone Mantia (1873-1951), as arranged and edited by Neal Corwell

Instrumentation (2 versions):
1: euphonium solo w/piano
2: euphonium solo w/band
(solo part same for both versions)
Copyright: 2012
Duration: 7:20 (6:30 if take optional cut)
Range: for soloist is FF to f-2 (C to c-2, with reduced ossia range)
Difficulty: V
Publisher: Nicolai Music
$15 for solo with piano accompaniment
$55 for solo with band (full score and parts included)
Other Info: The band accompanied version was premiered July, 2012 by the Hagerstown Municipal Band in Hagerstown, Maryland, with Dr. Corwell as soloist. During the Fall of 2012, Corwell, accompanied by his wife Kathryn, premiered the piano-accompanied version during a recital tour of the US Midwest.

Simone Mantia, the great euphonium virtuoso, created this solo by combining several themes from the works of Romano Picchi. It is generally presumed that Mantia also wrote the two variations that follow the main theme. This version of the old “war horse” solo is an extensive revision of Mantia’s original. The work has been streamlined by the elimination of some interludes and the inclusion of an optional cut. Other changes include the re-writing of cadenzas, scoring changes, and the addition or alteration of dynamic, articulation, and tempo markings. The solo part

Despite the many changes, all the challenges of Mantia’s original are still present. Multiple-tonguing skills and excellent technical fluidity are pre-requisites for the soloist. This new version is a bit more demanding than the original, primarily because of the extension of range and the elimination of many rests. This spicing-up of the solo part also includes the injection of some humor that was not present in the original work. The added challenges of this new edition are well worth the effort because they add variety and excitement to an already dynamic piece. This one is a real crowd-pleaser!