“Young Artist” list

The works listed below are quite useful for the young soloist, and also for advanced players of any age that are seeking music for various performance situations that is not extremely demanding with regard to range, endurance, and technique.

Because much of the music composed and arranged by Dr. Corwell is quite challenging, some do not realize that not all of his music is difficult. Hence the creation of this list.

2 AM (solo with CD)
Aboriginal Voices (solo with CD)
Alleluia by Mozart (solo with piano)
Andante from Symphony No. 7 (mixed brass with piano)
Andantino and Presto (solo with piano)
Ave Maria, by Schubert (solo with band)
Away, I’m Bound Away (solo with piano or band)
Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night) by Adam (solo or duo w/piano)
Christmas Concerto by Torelli, Manfredini, & Corelli
Dance of the Tumblers (solo with piano or band)
Duo Sonata, by Handel (duo with or without keyboard)
Ebben by Alfredo Catalani
Far Side of the Pasture (solo with narrator)
Five Limericks (woodwind quintet)
Four Short Narratives (solo unaccompanied)
“Hey, Wait a Minute” Waltz (solo with piano and/or percussion)
House of the Rising Sun (solo with CD)
Jubal’s Lyre, by Handel (solo with piano)
Lassus trombone, by Fillmore (solo, duo or trio with CD)
Lullabye (solo with piano)
March of the Marionette by Gounod (solo with piano)
My Johann, by Grieg (solo with piano)
Quella Fiammi by Fransesco Conti
Sixteen Etudes (solo unaccompanied)
Solvejg’s Song Fantasy (solo with CD)
Song for a New Day (solo with piano)
Three Farewell Pieces (solo with piano)
Two Bach Pieces, by Bach (solo with piano)
Zeke and Zebedee (solo with narrator)