Music with CD accompaniment

The following are Neal Corwell’s published original works and arrangements for performance with a pre-recorded accompaniment. All accompaniments are recorded on CD and may be played back on any stereo audio system. Because these pieces were designed specifically to be performed with CD accompaniment, they are written and recorded in a manner that makes it relatively easy to stay in synchronization with the CD while performing the live solo or duo part. Except where noted, the performer is NOT required to add any electronic effects, so no technical expertise is required. Several of the works also exist in formats that do not require CD accompaniment. Consult music listing “by instrumentation” for more details in this regard. Please note that all pieces listed for euphonium may also be performed effectively on bassoon or cello. The works are listed in alphabetical order.

2 AM - solo euphonium, trombone, tuba, or trumpet
Aboriginal Voices - solo tuba, euphonium, or bass trombone
Black Moon Rising - solo euphonium, French horn, trombone or trumpet
Dandy Noodles - solo euphonium
Distant Images - solo trombone, or euphonium
The Dream - duo for tuba and euphonium, or trombones
Endearing Young Charms - solo euphonium
**Fantasy on “Night” -
Flight of the Bumble Bee - solo euphonium, trumpet, or tuba
Heart of a Wolf - solo euphonium
House of the Rising Sun - solo euphonium, trombone, tuba or trumpet
Hungarian Hallucination - duo for tuba & euphonium OR solo euphonium
Improvisations on a Bach Sarabande - solo euphonium
Largo & Allegro, by Bach - solo euphonium or trombone
Lassus trombone - solo trombone or trombone duo or trio
Meditation -
solo euphonium or trombone
New England Reveries - solo tuba or euphonium
Night Song - solo euphonium or trombone
Odyssey - solo euphonium
Quiet Mountain - duo for tuba (or euph or bass trombone) with trombone, or tuba with flute, or flute with trombone, or clarinet with trombone
Ritual - duo for tuba and euphonium
Simyeh - solo euphonium
Solvejg’s Song Fantasy - solo euphonium, trombone, or tuba
Venetian Carnival Animals - solo euph (or trumpet) or tuba (different key)