Neal Corwell’s humorous original works and arrangements

Away, I’m Bound Away - light-hearted and boisterous rendition of several pirate songs, framed by moving statements of the beautiful melody Shenandoah.

Carnival of Venice - a new arrangement of an old standard encore piece.

Dance of the Tumblers - fun closer or encore piece using materials from Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous theme.

Dandy Noodles - humorous variations on tune of Yankee Doodle with band or CD accompaniment

Endearing Young Charms - an arrangement of the popular euphonium showpiece with piano, band, or low brass quartet accompaniment. (While not strictly speaking a “humorous” piece, one could hardly call it serious.)

Fantasie Originale - In addition to all the technical bravado, this new version features several additions that add a touch of humor.

Far Side of the Pasture - duo for trombone solo with narrator, featuring original text about some unusual barnyard animals

Five Limericks - woodwind quintet that features a jesting limerick descriptive of each member of the ensemble

Flight of the Bumble Bee - innovative arrangement of the popular showpiece for solo with CD, band, or piano accompaniment

“Hey, Wait a Minute” Waltz - light humorous arrangement based primarily on Chopin’s Minute Waltz, but also featuring themes by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky

Hungarian Hallucination - humorous arrangement based upon the famous Hungarian Rhapsody No. 1, but featuring a potpourri of other well-know themes

Lassus’ Trombone - whimsical arrangement of popular tune as trombone solo, duo, or trio with CD accompaniment

March of the Marionette - light-hearted and expressive setting of the classical melody closely associated with the Alfred Hitchcock TV Show

Out Standing in his Field – tongue-in-cheek vocal solo with small ensemble lamenting the hardships of farm life

Ruslan & Ludmilla’s Romp Across Russia - Although not overtly silly, this arrangement is definitely humorous in attitude and spirit.

Scherzo - original wind solo with piano or orchestra or band accompaniment extracted from multi-movment concerto titled Sinfonietta

Venetian Carnival Animals - humorous solo with CD or band accompaniment modeled upon Arban’s famous variations on “The Carnival of Venice” and featuring a second theme: the Elephant Song from Saint-Saens’ Carnival of Animals

Zeke and Zebedee – work for narrator accompanied by either a euphonium , trombone, or tuba solo, featuring original text that mixes humor with a serious message