The following are reviews of Dr. Corwell’s appearances at various venues

"Dr. Corwell's performance of his own compositions was superb; not only outstanding playing, but also entertaining and informative. His versatility in all phases of the presentation was evident. Our students here at the University of North Texas are very appreciative of his visit and for his contribution to euphonium literature. I recommend his clinics and recitals to everyone."
-Dr. Brian Bowman, North Texas State University

"Neal's recital was terrific in every way and was very well received by an enthusiastic audience of students and other brass aficionados. Many of my students are composers and arrangers as well as performers, so Neal's multi-faceted presentation was particularly interesting and enjoyable. One can listen to and enjoy a Neal Corwell recital on so many different levels - great euphonium artistry, fascinating and beautifully crafted original compositions, and interesting and unique uses of electronic technology. Neal ties it all together beautifully with his commentary though-out the performance, bringing the audience in on the creative and re-creative aspects of the recital."
-John Stevens, University of Wisconsin at Madison

“Dr. Neal Corwell continues to be one of my favorite guest artists and clinicians to have here at Ohio University. His performances demonstrate the highest level of artistry on the instrument. Performing to a full house of not just brass majors but also many students and faculty from other studios as well community members, Dr. Corwell's musicality, virtuosity, and informative performance notes served as an ideal model and educational resource for everyone. Students also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Corwell in a masterclass setting, which equally proved beneficial. I will continue to invite Dr. Corwell in ensuing years, knowing the value that such visits bring for myself and our School of Music as a whole!”
Jason Smith, Ohio University

“Neal Corwell has been performing with the Hagerstown Municipal Band since
his years as a local high school musician. His talent was obvious at that time and has grown through his study, practice, and multitude of experiences throughout the United States and in foreign countries. We are honored to have him play in the band in our summer season when his schedule permits and to have him serve as a soloist on an annual basis. He inspires other players and is always a favorite with our audiences. He is an outstanding performer, composer, arranger, publisher, and educator.”
Lynn Lerew, Director, Hagerstown (MD) Municipal Band

“My students and I were delighted to host Dr. Neal Corwell at Millikin University for a recital and master class/question and answer session. Dr. Corwell is such a gifted and inspiring musician! His performances are impeccable and combine technological and musical innovation in a fresh, appealing presentation. My students were fascinated and awed by Neal's capabilities and were spell-bound by his narrative during his recital, which detailed many insights from Neal's viewpoint as a composer. As a fellow euphonium player and colleague, I have always loved Neal's beautiful tone quality, his brilliant technical execution, and his kind nature. We would be honored to have Neal and his wife, Kathryn, who collaborates with him on piano, back again anytime!”
-Dr. Sharie Huff, Milliken University, Decatur, Illinois

"Your CD (Distant Images) is a breath of fresh air...excellent. Sensitive, warm and beautiful in addition to virtuosic."
-Lucas Spiros (retired euphonium soloist Marine Band, Washington DC)

"Dr. Corwell's performance was absolutely first rate. His easy demeanor with the audience, combined with his technical mastery of the instrument, kept my students talking about his performance for several weeks. Additionally, the students who purchased his compositions are eagerly preparing them for late spring recitals, having been duly inspired by his performance."
-Dr. Dennis Askew, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

“It was great to have Dr. Corwell work with the students at Coe College. He approached every student individually, with care and thought. His teaching demonstrated great pedagogy and actively engaged the students. His recital highlighted compositions with electronics, displaying melodic expression and world-class virtuosic playing. Dr. Corwell did a wonderful job at Coe College!”
-Todd Schendel, Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Neal Corwell evokes the real beauty of the instrument like no other soloist."
-Chris Card, West Virginia State College

"His work was outstanding in all respects. He presented outstanding master classes and lessons in addition to an absolutely stunning solo recital, performed entirely by memory. Something that set his appearance apart was a talk to my honors music appreciation class about listening to music and the composer's thought process in putting a piece of music together - the idea of providing unity and variety for the listeners. He truly engaged the students from where they were in terms of their own knowledge and experience, and they very much enjoyed their time with him. More lay listeners should have the opportunity to hear a real live composer talk about what motivates them to write and why they write music the way they do. When Neal does future residencies, the hosts should absolutely be certain that he isn't just closeted with the music majors - he's also capable of being a fabulous audience builder for all of us."
-Dr. Jerry Young, University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire

"He's an extraordinary musician in many ways."
-Dr. Brian Bowman, as quoted by Associated Press

"Dr. Corwell's playing was spectacular! My studio was thoroughly impressed with his command of the instrument through the many styles in which he played. Furthermore, Neal's compositions are first-rate--they should become standard recital fare for both student and professional. I recommend him for your next master-class/guest recital without reservation!"
-Dr. J. Mark Thompson, Northwestern State University (Natchitoches, LA)

“Neal, I wanted to let you know that your presentation was enjoyed very much by my students. I had a discussion about your performance with my advanced students. They had MANY follow-up questions. You greatly inspired them, especially those more serious about music. I always enjoy hearing you play, so I of course had an excellent time. Thanks so much!”

-Ray Chaney, band director, Briggs-Chaney Middle School, Montgomery County, Maryland.

"Neal Corwell's visit to UNC Charlotte was thoroughly enjoyed by faculty and students. Neal is a great player, an engaging musician, an innovative composer and a person who has had a lot of practical experience that our players find most interesting. Neal certainly opened student's eyes to a lot of performance and career possibilities. We hope to have him back again soon."
-Dr. Royce Lumpkin, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Dr. Corwell certainly puts on a very good show. Along with offering the audience exposure to an enjoyable style of contemporary music, it was a treat to witness his effortless performance style which makes everything look so easy.
-Dr. Ed Bahr, Delta State University

"Neal played wonderfully and my students got a great deal of information from his master class. Dr. Corwell also showed great skill in his clinics with the local area high school bands. The students are still talking about it. I'm pleased that Neal came our way on his tour! He is welcome back anytime."
-Dr. Joe Skillen, Louisian State University