Neal Corwell’s One-Man Brass Band

Dr. Corwell has performed as a “one-man-brass-band” at several brass festivals and also on numerous community visiting artist concert series’. To capture and hold the attention of his audiences, he plays a wide variety of brass instruments for these programs. In addition to his staple instruments of euphonium and trombone, you’ll see him sporting a sousaphone and brandishing a toy trumpet or double-bell euphonium as he wows his audience. The variety of music is impressive. For these events he generally chooses to perform lighter fare, to include theme and variation solos, jazz tunes, and parodies of classical themes. The innovative solos presented during these performances are accompanied by Neal’s self-created pre-recorded accompaniments that feature synthesizers, guitars, percussion and other instruments.

If you’d like to book Neal for your musical event, or as a musical highlight to your social event, please contact him via the link found at the bottom of this page.