Music Clinic Topics

When visiting a college campus as guest artist, Dr. Corwell typically presents a solo recital, and makes himself available for a Question-and-Answer session and/or a master class (or two). In addition to brass master classes, he is often invited to speak to composition, music technology, or music appreciation students. Some of the general topics Dr. Corwell is asked to discuss, when not speaking about specific brass performance issues, are listed below.

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Performance Careers? – Neal has made his living variously as a euphoniumist with a military band, as a traveling guest brass soloist and clinician (over 1,100 solo recitals in the US and overseas presented so far!), as a civilian free lance trombonist, a recording artist, a college professor, a composer and arranger, and a publisher.

Composing and Arranging? – Neal is an award winning composer whose works are performed regularly across the globe and sometimes broadcast across the air waves via public radio. Nearly sixty of his compositions are currently published, ranging in instrumentation from unaccompanied solos to multi-movement orchestra and band works.

Electronic Music and Recording? – Because of Dr. Corwell’s longtime interest in recording, a substantial portion of his compositional output has consisted of works for soloist with electronics (pre-recorded, or sometimes live). He has taught classes on electronic music at the college level, authored articles on recording, and composed, recorded, mixed, and published dozens of electronic compositions.